The NSA's Least Favorite Video

I just supported The NSA’s Least Favorite Video on @ThunderclapIt // @fightfortheftr

And he’s being sarcastic and he calls the other commenter “einstein”… Humility, people!


The guy was so careless (and so lazy to google) that he re-typed the question in the dupe. Exactly. Word by word.

So I can’t use the CLI of an operating system with 20+ years of CLI background…

So the guy who asserts that prefixing variables with $ makes code more readable… Mind blown.

And he insisted that it was an Xcode question… rolled back several times… Sigh.

Sorry to say, but this is a complete nonsense. Sechan’s being stubborn about his misconception. Everyone knows that in C arrays are not pointers…

No, I cannot *possibly* be bothered to read the FAQ! (Or even the tagline…)

And this guy had almost 6000 rep. Geez. High-rep idiot of the day.

Is it safe to give the keys of my house to everyone in the world?